Can a doctor or nurse practitioner diagnose male pattern baldness remotely?

Although there is a test that can only be done in person, there are other ways to diagnose, that will help us with the process remotely.

  • Our doctors are ready to help you and address all your questions, doubts, and concerns and provide solutions at your fingertips.
  • We'll ask you health questions and if necessary our professional team will ask you to submit photos of your hair loss from different angles or will ask you to join in a free virtual consultation, but all this will depend on each specific case for every patient is different.
  • Our medical teams review your information to determine if you have hair loss that is safe to treat.
  • We can prescribe an effective treatment if you are a man with "male pattern baldness".

Therefore the answer is Yes!

  • Due to the online nature of our service, our doctors or nurse practitioners cannot do the "hair pull test". This helps diagnose male pattern baldness, but it is not necessary to make a good diagnosis.