How long would my medication take to get delivered?

Normally the USPS service takes from 2-3 business days in express mode while standard takes from 6 -7, sometimes it’s faster

The time starts running at the moment you place your order and make the payment, then our pharmacist begins to process your order.

  • If you made the payment from Monday to Friday before 12:00 PM, your medication will leave our office that same day.
  • If you complete your payment after 12:00 PM, the medication will be sent to USPS the next day
  • If you made your payment on Friday after 4:00 PM or over the weekend, your order will be leaving our office on Monday.

So after we give your order to USPS you can start tracking it if you don't have a tracking number please contact Customer Service, or log into your profile and under your order information, you will find the tracking information.

NOTE: Remember that we will always give you the choice to choose between express or standard shipping, and this last one is free.