Why do I need to take a photo for the app or website?

This is important so we are able to prescribe medications and treat patients, here we explain you why

In case you need an appointment with us, state regulations require our medical providers to see whom we are treating, so we may ask you to upload a photo of yourself and a photo of your ID.

On the other hand, if you already have your prescription and you only want to buy from us, for security reasons, to be able to verify that it is you who got that prescription, it is necessary to have photos of both, you and your identification as well as the prescription.

Another reason is so that our specialists can safely and legally treat and prescribe medications. Sometimes they will ask you to send photos of the affected areas, such as in cases of skin problems, hair loss, and weight loss. Your information is used only to be able to make accurate diagnoses and we always treat it safely and keep it protected.